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15 Ways to Wear a Mink Coat

If there’s one fur that’s nearly ubiquitous in terms of appeal, it’s mink fur. Some might find fox fur slightly overstated, others might like the appeal of chinchilla but balk...

If there’s one fur that’s nearly ubiquitous in terms of appeal, it’s mink fur. Some might find fox fur slightly overstated, others might like the appeal of chinchilla but balk at the price or at the limited options in terms of color. A mink coat  won’t serve you with limited choices in terms of style.

Relatively affordable, luxuriously warm, and available in what can only be called a rainbow of options in color, mink fur is a style that seems as though it will never go out of fashion, especially when you’re armed with a list of inspirational ideas like these.

How to Wear a Mink Coat

Starving for ideas on how to pair up your favorite mink coat? Perhaps you’re looking for inspiration before you even pick one up for yourself. These should square you away perfectly.

  • Short coat, high boots

One of the more modern ways to squeeze style out of a mink coat is by shortening the hem; then shortening the hem some more, and then some more, and so on and so forth. A decidedly contemporary style, short fur coats are not without their allure, and will give you a dashing sense of poise.

However, you need to do something with all that blank canvas you just exposed, because now you can’t just lean on the character of the coat. There’s plenty you can do; one of the best ideas is to pair up that short mink jacket with a pair of stunning knee-high blank leather boots. Don’t waste your time reading more about it. You’ll love the look.

  • Highlights? All that glitters is not gold - but a lot is

Not all fur coats present highlights or particular luster, but those that do offer up a very unique avenue for accessorization. Don’t forget the value that add-ons and accessories can have with your ensemble. In this case, key in on jewelry and gems that compliment the show-stopping natural luster of your fur coat.

A fairly common effect with mink fur is to present a dark appearance with somewhat lighter, aureate highlights or undertones. A great way to accent this effect is with a tiger's eye or a similarly chatoyant gemstone. You can also use gold, brass or copper. If the coat is lighter, white or neutral, you can make artful use of silver, platinum and other lustrous precious metals. Bangles, bracelets, rings, necklaces, earrings and other pieces of jewelry will also produce a noteworthy effect.

  • Wear the coat open for an avant-garde look

If you’re interested in a way to produce an unconventional, piquant, novel look, opt to wear the coat open. This creates a decidedly attention-grabbing look even without trying too hard, since coats are typically worn closed and fastened, when it is cold. If you can afford to wear your furs open, the weather is probably cooperating, and you’re probably keying in on the coat’s value for fashion.

Better yet, don’t simply wear the coat open, but wear a top or a blouse underneath of it that clashes slightly with the formal effect of the mink fur coat. Choose an animal print with vibrant contrast or simply wear a brightly colored top; the juxtaposition of colors will create a memorable effect.

  • Create a sunburst with bright pumps or heels

Another way to add a dashing dose of color into an outfit that makes the most of a beautiful mink coat is with the shoes you pair with it. The best part about using shoes to add color is that your shoes will be visible, no matter how you wear your coat or how long it is.

Now, remember one thing. When not affected conscientiously, a pair of brightly colored heels or pumps will actually clash harshly with a mink coat. However, bright reds, even pinks and brighter colors like yellow and orange, can be mated to a mink coat in order to provide color, contrast and warmth.

  • Go extra

The low hanging fruit of creating an outfit with a mink coat is to try to force as formal of a look as possible, which actually should not be too hard. Furs are made for formal fashion, so all you need to do is choose your accessories wisely. Add in something like a fur shawl or mantle, or choose a tasteful feather boa. Overstate your jewelry and finish the outfit with a piece of headwear like a fur hat or even a tiara. Wear elbow length silk gloves with it; find a pair of high platform shoes or heels or even boots.

Dress to the nines; there are few garments that will encourage this, and a mink fur coat is one of them.

  • Pick a patchwork piece to please (and tone down the look)

On the other end of the spectrum, you can dress down with a mink fur coat if you so choose. Modern fashion will afford you that luxury. Consider a patchwork coat to make a more daring impression and one that is somewhat sporty or posh without the loss of class.

Patchwork coats have a markedly less regal look than coats that use whole pelts, and the way they are arranged can simulate a state of frenzy. That welcomes a whole other dimension of unconventional fashion into the fold.

  • Light fur, khakis or jeans

Get ready for a real combo breaker: we are actively encouraging you to think outside the box and dress outside the mold with khakis or jeans and a light colored mink jacket or coat. Shorter is better here, but you can also wear the coat open if you need to shed some more light on your bottoms.

Go with jeans for a very sporty, informal look, and opt for khakis when you need to preserve a few ounces of high decorum. Light fur will pair wonderfully with either khakis or denim, and if you wear the coat open with them, you’ll be creating a balance of the elite and the mundane, which honestly looks better than it sounds.

  • Shorts are sporty (so are skirts, but it doesn’t have the same ring)

Another great look you can pull off with a short mink coat or jacket is that of pairing shorts or a skirt with one. Pairing a skirt or shorts with a fur coat produces an effect similar to wearing the coat open - which is that the fur is there for its visual effect, and not for warmth.

In fact, the boldness with which summer and winter wear clashes is so pronounced that it creates a highly memorable effect. Don’t miss out on this potential if you’re scratched for ways to wear fur in the warmer months; just be sure the venue matches the style.

  • Sunglasses with reflective lenses that match the fur

Previously we’ve offered a little grain of wisdom to our readers by suggesting that they wear a fur coat with shades. It produces an aloof, “cool” presentation that is difficult to affect any other way. This time, we have a suggestion to help you take it a step further.

Don’t just wear sunglasses. Wear a pair of sunglasses with reflective lenses that are so colored in a way that they will compliment the highlights in your fur. There are plenty of sunglasses out there with silver, nearly white, gold and even rose gold lenses that will look absolutely stunning in the company of a well-paired coat.

  • Black is back (it never went anywhere)

Another stunning way to wear a full length, black mink coat  is simply to pair it up with other black accessories. Black on black looks great, and you can deck out an outfit from top to bottom with somber yet striking black accessories.

  • Go with a hat that matches the rest of the ensemble

Another great opportunity for tying up the loose ends of your outfit is to match a hat to the rest of the ensemble. Choose a mink fur hat in a similar color or opt for something overstated such as fox fur. You can also wear a felted wool hat like a cloche, a trilby or a Victorian hat with little loss of effect. You’ll be surprised how good it looks!

  • Let the coat take all

Probably the simplest way to style with a women’s mink coat is to let the coat do the talking. Don’t focus on the accessories or other parts of your outfit; in essence, this strategy is to minimize them so that the central element of your outfit is the coat itself.

By doing so you will let the natural impact of the coat shine through the other elements of your outfit. For this style, we recommend you steer clear of hats, gloves and showy footwear, and you should also put this style into effect with a long coat; a short one invites too much discord.

  • Carrying a handbag and wearing gloves? Don’t miss out on this opportunity

Conversely (and what should come as a surprise to exactly no one) you can make a greater impact by conscientiously pairing up your mink coat with accessories that will flatter it, like a handbag or gloves.

This is surprisingly easy to do, and much of the time it will really only come down to matching colors. However, you can get more involved with it, such as choosing a two-toned handbag that sports the colors of the coat's fur and highlights, or a pair of gloves that are cuffed and trimmed with fur that accentuates the body of the coat.

  • Fur-trimmed boots, anyone?

Fur-cuffed gloves aren’t the only way to make a tasteful match for your favorite mink coat. You can pull off the same type of effect with fur-trimmed boots. Opt for a pair of boots that are trimmed with a fur that accents your coat, and laced elegantly. These are, of course, best for the winter months - but you’ll be comfortable and warm in style.

  • Wear it like a mantle, let the rest of the outfit shine

Finally, a great way to wear a mink coat is to choose a really short jacket and wear it sort of like a mantle. That way, it will be the coat itself that serves like something of an accent mark over the rest of your outfit, and not the other way around. Just be sure to pair the rest of the components of your outfit wisely.

A Style That Never Goes Out

Because mink fur is both versatile and functional, it has been in fashion for a long time. It’s available in a wide range of colors, reaching from black to white and through all different shades of brown and earth tones, and on top of that is decadently soft and amazingly warm. For what it’s worth, it’s also relatively lightweight, and provides insulation beyond what might be expected.

For these reasons and others, mink fur coats have been in style for well over a hundred years, and it is a look in fashion that promises never to go out of style. What you buy today may become an heirloom that you can hand down with pride and high estimation - provided that you afford it the proper care through its lifetime.

Mink Coat  Care, Conditioning and Storage

Maximilian isn’t just your source for high-quality luxury furs and tips for dressing in style. We also provide fur cleaning, conditioning and storage services. Maintenance of your fur garments is of the utmost importance, especially if you want to prevent damage and deterioration through the years. If you have any questions at all about how to store your coat at home, how to care for it, or what types of cleaning, conditioning and storage services we offer, please get in touch with our knowledgeable customer service team at 1-800-TLC-FURS or by email at

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