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3 Reasons to Own a Black Coat With a Fur Collar

While high fashion trends come and go, one thing has remained the same for centuries: the timeless beauty and appeal of fur coats. A black coat with a fur collar...

While high fashion trends come and go, one thing has remained the same for centuries: the timeless beauty and appeal of fur coats.

A black coat with a fur collar is a perfect example of the kind of functionality and visual appeal that makes furs so sought after. If you are in the process of looking for a luxury outerwear option, adding one of these elegant pieces to your wardrobe is certainly a great choice.

The following guide will outline a few of the key reasons why you might want to think about investing in one of these beautiful fur coats, and where you will be able to find one as well.

Experience Exquisite Style

Although their practical aspects are appealing, you can’t ignore the stylishness of a well-made fur coat. A black coat with a fur collar specifically has the kind of eye-catching beauty you want out of a functional piece of outerwear.

One reason for this is, there’s not very much that doesn’t pair well with a luxurious black coat. Whether you are attending a formal affair or are simply out for a pleasant evening on the town, a suitable black fur coat will offer an effortlessly stylish option that will complement a wide variety of outfits. Black furs in particular are incredibly striking and are an easy way to enhance an outfit or create a certain elegant look. If style is what you are after, a high-quality fur is exactly what you want in your closet.

A Superior Degree of Comfort

You can’t ignore the functionality of high-quality fur garments either. A carefully designed, luxury-quality black coat with a fur collar will give you the kind of warmth and comfort you are looking for, especially on days when the weather is not so pleasant.

One of the key benefits of fur coats is that they offer a different kind of protection from the cold that most synthetic materials simply can’t compare to. Fur’s natural ability to keep out the cold air is due largely to the innate qualities of fur itself, and not to any man-made endeavor. This is because animal fur has adapted over millions of years to function a certain way.

That is quite a bit of fine-tuning over the course of a massive span of time. The result is nothing short of the best solution for keeping out the cold, at least in terms of practical garments. Animals such as foxes and minks have adapted to thrive outside, sometimes in temperatures that would otherwise be inhospitable to us without the proper protection. Fur possesses certain qualities that help trap in warmth while also repelling cold air naturally, which are qualities that are difficult to reproduce in synthetic fabrics. The reality is that if you want a stylish coat that also keeps you quite warm in the colder weather, you can’t beat a fur coat. They offer the greatest degree of natural comfort and protection from the elements you are likely to find.

The Enduring Quality of a Fur Coat

While the style and comfort aspects of fur coats are enough of a draw alone, there’s also the fact that these garments are long-lasting that make them so appealing. Unlike many other kinds of clothing items, including outerwear pieces such as jackets and coats, furs are designed to stand up to years of wear. A fur is a generational investment, it is the kind of garment you will pass on and that will be worn for years after it is purchased.

This kind of quality is attractive in a world where fast fashion and waste are so prevalent. Rather than purchase a bunch of low-quality coats that don’t have the enduring qualities of fur, it makes more sense to invest in a piece of outerwear that you will not only be proud to wear for years, but that will also have the stylish qualities you are seeking.

It is worth noting that if you want a black fur coat that is truly timeless and that will offer this kind of lasting quality, you do want to make sure you buy your coat from a reputable outlet that specializes in luxury-quality furs. This way you know that it is designed to endure.

In terms of quality fur coats and jackets, you will find a great selection of stylish pieces right here at Maximilian. Our name is synonymous with luxury fur coats and accessories, and we strive to provide not only the finest quality furs on the market, but superior customer service as well.

If you are looking for a stunning black coat with a fur collar or other high-quality fur garment that will provide an incredible degree of style, comfort, and integrity, take a look through our selection here in our online outerwear boutique, or give us a call at 800-TLC-FURS for more information.


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