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A Green Fur Jacket Will Make a Splash in Your Wardrobe

Green is one of those colors that you won’t be able to find naturally occurring in fur - at least not easily, and if you do, send us the memo....

Green is one of those colors that you won’t be able to find naturally occurring in fur - at least not easily, and if you do, send us the memo. You’ll have a lot more luck with natural earth tones like tawny, beige, tan and other browns, as well as neutrals like gray, black and white. Some of the most exquisite pieces are accented with some gold or silver highlights.

But green is not a color that appears readily on this list of naturally occurring colors in fur, just like other bright colors such as blue and red. There are, for example, “blue” and “red” fox pelts, but these are not blue and red in the artistic sense of the term. They’re merely suggestive.

That said, there are some truly wonderful colored fur jackets out there, and despite the fact that they don’t occur naturally, brightly colored fur garments, specifically a green fur jacket, can make a splash in your wardrobe, especially when tastefully arrayed, complemented with flattering accessories, and wisely matched to the venue.

How to Array a Green Fur Jacket

A green fur jacket can be a real asset in your collection of fine furs because of how brightly it will announce itself. Generally speaking, a green fur coat might not be the most suitable selection for a venue that can be truly marketed as a black tie event, but it can be made into a statement piece that draws on two colors - its own and the color of your creativity.

If you’re planning on attending a themed or modern venue that allows for flexibility in the class of dress, a green fur jacket is a great way to announce your presence without being too garish about the whole affair. Green is a soothing, calming color - even the brightest greens can be - and if you’re going to a masquerade or an upscale dinner party that calls for a bit of color without overseasoning the entire ensemble, green is much safer than red, yellow or orange.

Green is also suitable when the other aspects of your attire call for a complement, either to provide contrast and depth or to keep the emotional impression neutral. Consider this: at certain times of year, a green fur jacket can make an excellent statement piece with respect to the season.

For example, a green fur jacket makes as much of a positive impression during the holiday season as red does, but whereas red is bold and potentially assertive, green is gentle and disarming. Around the holiday season, a little green in the wardrobe provides bright verdure when there is no actual verdure about and is reassuring. With that in mind, green, as the complement to red, pairs beautifully with other red statement pieces and makes them much brighter by contrast.

Here’s another tip - everyone’s Irish on March 17th. If you’re heading out for a St. Patrick’s day celebration, you’ll never make such an impact as you will in your green finery. Everyone will be dressed in green from head to toe, but how many of them will be decked out in a genuine green fur jacket? That’s some food for thought, and quite an idea that might help with planning an outfit, if we do say so.

Green fur jackets are also great statement pieces at soirées and other social functions during which you would like to provide some color without overdoing it. Here’s an idea - though green doesn’t really occur naturally in furs, it is a natural, earthy color. If you want some color and movement without going overboard, look for a muted green jacket, or a dark, hunter green jacket instead of a bright lime or chartreuse one. The difference in effect between them can only be called black and white.

Tasteful Alternatives to a Green Fur Jacket

With all of that in mind, it should come as no surprise at all that a green fur jacket can be a highly versatile piece in your wardrobe, and one that under no circumstances should be relegated to preparation for a niche function.

However, it can be tough to come by green fur coats and jackets, so if you’re more comfortable with a readily available alternative, consider adding a dyed green statement piece like a hat or a scarf to your wardrobe. We have a colorful collection of fur accessories here at Maximilian and, doubtless, there is something in our collection that will please your tastes, eccentric as they may happen to be.

Alternatively, you might choose to go with something like a blue or a purple fur jacket, coat or mantle instead. Like green, blue and purple are muted, gentle, cool colors that are more suited to inspiring a spirit of tranquility than they are to inflame the passion. A dark blue coat or a purple coat can also, in some light, have more of the impression of a neutral fur coat like a black one. One of these might serve as a viable alternative to green.

Whatever your personal convictions are, you’re in the right place for luxury fur garments and accessories. Please feel free to reach out to us if you need assistance or have questions, whether you’re looking for a green fur coat or simply need a location for professional fur conditioning and storage services. You can reach us at 1-800-TLC-FURS or at


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