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A White Fur Pillow, the Sleeper Pick for Interior Design

Some people are nearly afraid to allow the color white into their wardrobes, or into their interior design. They’re much more comfortable with the endless spectrum of off whites that...

Some people are nearly afraid to allow the color white into their wardrobes, or into their interior design. They’re much more comfortable with the endless spectrum of off whites that can be used artistically, and safely, in its stead.

Don’t fall prey to the same convictions. Yes, white is sharp, it is harsh, pointed, rough, stark, bright, and hard. But it can also be harmonious, especially when you apply a little creativity to decorating the scene.

A white fur pillow, is a sleeper pick for interior design. There is just so much you can do with one, and when artfully employed, a fur pillow, even a white one, will lend color, class, sophistication, and both tactile and visual experience.

Accent the Bed or the Living Room

With a white fur pillow, take the obvious avenue for home decor and gussy up your bedroom or the living room - but remember this, if you add a fur pillow to your bedroom, only you and your intimate company will ever get to reap the rewards of the display.

 We suggest placing one tastefully in a common area, making a nice presentation on a living room couch or with your other seating areas. If you do so, you have a prime opportunity to call attention to it and balance the design with your rugs or carpets.

Area Rugs Add Complementary Contrast

If you can find a fur throw, or an actual rug, that harmonizes with your choice of white fur pillow, your work will be cut out for you. Matching up the tones and splendor of a pillow and the rugs in a setting is an age old tactic, and balancing the fur on your seating arrangements with an area rug or something of the like is a quick tactic for a sophisticated, elegant setting.

Other Trimmings: Curtains, Drapes, Place Settings, and More

Adding a white fur pillow to the setting is the perfect jumping off point from which to accent the rest of the room. Pay close attention to the minor irregularities in the pattern or tone of the pillow. Does it have highlights? White is rarely pure white - there might be some subtle variance.

Key in on this, then find ways to accent the rest of the room with respect to the curtains, drapes, place settings, napkins, upholstery and more. You can look for fabrics that flatter or match the color, tone, pattern, highlights or texture of your fur pillow.

With that said, you can also use the color of the fur as the predominant scheme for the setting - although it would only be reasonable to assume that you were already working with a whitewashed or neutral color scheme.

Use It as a Springboard for Your Wardrobe

If you’re in the habit of entertaining, you can use some of the trappings of your interior design to backform compatible ensembles for your wardrobe. It really completes the look when you shine in an evening dress that plays off or the rest of your interior aesthetic - just food for thought!

Don’t Forget the Rest of the Bedding

In the event that you’ve chosen to accent your bedroom with a white fur pillow, use it as an opportunity to make the rest of the bedspread resplendent with flattering throws, comforters and more. You can easily match the sheets or spreads with the color of your favorite fur pillows.

That being said, if you’ve accented a couch or seat with a decorative pillow instead, remember that you can couple it with a throw for the seat back.

Plush Seating in the Room Represents another Opportunity

This also represents an opportunity for the seating arrangement in your environment. If you’ve yet to update the upholstery or cushion covers on your chairs, sofas, couches or other seating, perhaps you can revamp the room with upholstery and fabrics that make a nice match with a fur throw pillow - even if you only pair them on the grounds of color.

Make It a Tactile Experience

Remember that a plush pillow is not just a visual work of art - it also affords a tactical experience, and there is little substitute for the grandiose luxury of genuine fur, like a fur pillow cover. Mesh the plush, suave experience with the rest of the setting!

Also remember that the length, pattern, texture and depth of the fur will all impact the experience - these are features that can be matched in other pieces.

Keep It Visible

Finally, our last morsel of wisdom is to keep it visible. If you’re going to go through the trouble of planning around a white fur pillow, the worst thing you can do is let it take the backseat. Work the setting around it, and keep it front and center!

Whether you’re looking for a white fur pillow or some other beautiful fur accessories like a hat or scarf, make sure to visit our collection first! If you have any questions about our products or even about design, you can always contact us at 1-800-TLC-FURS or at!


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