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Big Fur Coats You Can’t Miss!

If you’re looking for a beautiful, new, big fur coat for yourself or for that special someone, you’re in just the perfect place. Newly online, now sells the same...

If you’re looking for a beautiful, new, big fur coat for yourself or for that special someone, you’re in just the perfect place. Newly online, now sells the same beloved big fur coats, jackets and accessories that we previously sold at Bloomingdale’s and Macy’s as Maximilian and The Fur Vault products, respectively.

We provide the same quality that our customers have always loved, and now you can buy from us directly! However, not all fur coats are created equal, and there is great variability in style and practicality; as the leading authority on both of those matters, let us go over a few options that we offer here on our website.

Fox Fur Coats and Jackets

Have you ever seen a big fur coat trimmed with luxuriously thick, long fur that was vibrantly full, and somewhere between a rich black and a stark white fur? If that fur had long, pronounced, stately guard hairs, there’s a good likelihood that you were looking at fox fur.

Fox fur is rarely used to create the entire body of a coat or a jacket, but it is often used to trim linings, cuffs and hoods. It’s also used to create a wide variety of hats and other accessories. One of the benefits of a fox-fur trimmed hood is that the trim creates a vortex that prevents cold air from entering the hood, trapping the warm air around your head.

Mink Fur Coats and Jackets

Mink fur is one of the most enduringly popular forms of fur available to modern consumers, in part because mink are farmed relatively easily. This makes mink fur readily accessible to many buyers around the world, and it also means that mink fur can be cultivated in a wide range of colors, from light browns that are nearly tan to black and everything in between.

Mink fur is typically shorter and less thick than fox fur and it also lacks the prominent guard hairs of fox pelts, but mink is remarkably warm and soft, despite its weight. Mink fur is also more commonly used to create full length big fur coats.

Here at Maximilian, we carry a wide range of mink fur coats, both short and long and with a variety of orientations. Whether you’re looking for a short, horizontally arranged mink fur jacket or a beautiful, full length mink fur coat, we have no shortage of opportunities.

Chinchilla Fur - Soft, Dense and Warm!

Chinchilla fur is one of the softest, most luxurious furs available to discerning buyers. While there is some variability in the color of chinchilla coats, they can usually be known by their lustrous, silver character. A chinchilla coat is nearly impossible to miss!

It’s not just an object of visual beauty, either. Chinchilla fur is amazingly warm, dense and soft. The density of chinchilla fur cannot be understated. To put it into perspective, a human hair follicle can sprout two or sometimes three hairs at once. Chinchillas have follicles from which over 50 hairs can grow. Their fur is luxuriously thick and dense.

That makes them warm by their nature, but they’re also marvelously soft. Think of chinchilla fur like rabbit fur, but thicker and much better at keeping you warm. Actually, in terms of warmth, chinchilla fur is one of the best furs out there!

Don’t Miss Rabbit Fur Either!

While we don’t currently have any big fur coats made entirely from rabbit pelts or patchwork, rabbit fur is an amazingly soft, lightweight and comfortable fur that is frequently used to trim coats and jackets. We have plenty of fur coats trimmed with rabbit fur and some accessories made with it as well.

Because rabbit fur is lighter and not as thick or dense as some other more popular furs, it is also not as hot, which makes rabbit fur and rabbit fur trim ideal for milder days when you still want to look your sharpest but when fur might be overkill.

Pair in the fact that rabbit fur is among the softest and most comfortable furs out there, and you have a really great combination of attributes. Also, because rabbit fur can be readily produced and sourced, it’s fairly common to dye the fur, so if you’re looking for genuine fur in some bright color, there’s a good chance you can find rabbit fur dyed accordingly.

Contact Us to Learn More

Tastes in big fur coats are subjective, and vary as widely as the different attributes that can be ascribed to the classes of furs we have categorized here. With that in mind, and accounting for the fact that a fur coat is a sizable investment and one that, with care, will last a lifetime, you should take any help you can get.

Our experienced, knowledgeable professionals are standing by and waiting to help you. Get in touch with us however you prefer - by phone at 1-800-TLC-FURS or by email at and we’ll be quick to assist you.


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