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Check Out These Inspirational Ideas for a Grey Coat with a Fur Hood

So you want to shine in your new grey coat with a fur hood? The good news is that despite the fact that grey is a somewhat neutral color, you...

So you want to shine in your new grey coat with a fur hood? The good news is that despite the fact that grey is a somewhat neutral color, you can take great artistic liberties in design. All you need is a little inspiration to make an outfit come to life!

The Timeless Elegance of Fur

A grey coat with a fur hood is a great investment because it offers more than freedom with style. It is a great investment because it is a quality garment that will last a lifetime or longer with proper care, and it is indicative of the sort of fashion that has never gone and will foreseeably never go out of style.

Of course, you’ll also never be cold if you invest in genuine furs for your wardrobe. But that aside, what type of artistic expression can you create with a grey fur coat that has a hood? Let’s check out some ideas for inspiration.

  • Sparkle with shiny black boots

You know how you can make a grey fur coat with a hood really pop, without even giving any thought to the rest of the outfit? Mate it with a pair of shiny black boots - leather if you have them. That little bit of shine will play off of the sheen of your fur and will add another dimension to your ensemble.

  • Create pleasant contrast with a tawny color - it makes grey “great!”

For some reason, despite the fact that black and brown can sometimes clash, gray and brown are natural partners. Wear a pair of khakis or tawny slacks with your grey coat, or a brown fur hat. You can even pair it with a golden handbag to create a warm sense of color.

  • Wear the hood up with the coat open for an avant-garde appeal

Try wearing your hood up and your coat open for a very dashing look that will make your audience do a double take. It’s very avant-garde, very daring, and the incongruity of it draws attention like a magnet,

  • Pair it with a checkered or plain-pattern skirt

There is a lot of movement involved in checkered patterns and plaid prints, and it is very geometric and staccato. This adds some rigid character to the otherwise featureless look of a plain gray coat, and whether the pattern  is black and white or colored, you’ll probably love the look.

  • Add flash with glittering bangles

Grey and silver fur often have bright highlights that make the coat appear to shine or sparkle. You can key on these by tastefully incorporating bright silver or platinum bangles into your outfit. The bolder, the better!

  • Shades anyone?

The neutral tones of grey will work wonderfully alongside a pair of shades, even when it isn’t too bright out. They “cool” off the entire outfit.

  • Gray slacks complete the image

You can make a semi-formal look with a pair of gray slacks and a grey fur coat with a hood, that will be just as suitable for a lunch date as it would be wearing to a soirée.

  • Top it off with a fur hat

Fur matches very nicely with other furs, especially when you can key in on some of the minor notes of the fur or material. Match your grey coat with a grey, black or even brown hat for extra depth.

  • Your handbag doesn’t need to match the coat

Remember one thing, when you’re looking for a handbag to accent your grey coat with a fur hood - the handbag itself doesn’t necessarily have to match the coat. You can actually exhibit great flexibility with the handbag you choose, opting to mute or even to underscore the entire look with a tasteful choice.

  • Dazzle in heels and jeans

Match a bright pair of heels and blue jeans with your grey fur coat for a look that is utterly, undeniably sporty and modern. You won’t be able to get over how trendy and appealing the look really is, despite the fact that it sounds like it won’t work.

  • Closing thoughts: Color can be your friend

Finally, remember this important fact as you seek fashion ideas and accompaniments for your favorite grey coat. Grey may be muted, neutral and toned down, but bright colors can be your friend. Even yellow, red and orange can really pop when juxtaposed against the sleepy import of a grey fur coat!

Try These Ideas and You Won’t Believe Grey Is a Neutral Color!

When you see how easily you can get a gray outfit to come to life with only a little bit of inspiration and accessorization, you won’t believe that grey is categorically a neutral color.

Try some of them out and give us a call if you’d like more ideas for fashion inspiration or just want some pointers on how to care for your favorite coat. You can reach us at 1-800-TLC-FURS or at


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