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Choose and Arrange a Fur Bed Throw like an Interior Designer

You’ve just about hit the nail on your inspiration for interior design, but there’s just one tiny thing missing. You’ve aligned all the subtle elements of color, texture and pattern,...

You’ve just about hit the nail on your inspiration for interior design, but there’s just one tiny thing missing. You’ve aligned all the subtle elements of color, texture and pattern, with the theme, and now you’re not sure what lacks to make the whole scene perfect. There’s room for one more, so to speak, but you’re not sure what it is.

Or perhaps the converse is true. Perhaps you aren’t sure where to proceed with an entire redecoration of your living room, or even your innermost sanctum, your bedroom. You’re working with a blank canvas.

In either situation, a fur bed throw may be able to ice the cake. You just need a few tips and tricks so you can “throw” one into the setting like a pro.

Do It Right: What Fur Bed Throw to Choose

  • Color compatibility: it’s a thing

Your overarching color scheme will have the most pronounced impact on the setting of your home. If you have a cool, neutral aesthetic, dominated by whites, grays, and silver, then a demure gray fur bed throw will suit the setting best. If your setting is warmer or cozier, opt for a darker red, brown or golden fur throw. It will compliment the warmth.

  • Match the overall aesthetic, suit the design scheme

Whether your setting is severe and minimal, or warm and inviting, there is a fur bed throw for you. For example, if you have an overwhelmingly regal interior, complete with marble, silver accents and candles, then a white or gray fur bed throw might work best. Conversely, there is room for fur throws even in cozier, cabin-like aesthetics. The effects are dissimilar, but fur can compliment them both.

  • Texture and pattern go a long way

Some furs have a very simple, nearly plain aesthetic, whereas some are overstated and loaded with movement and contrast. If your setting calls for tranquility, opt for something simple and understated. If it’s loud, bold and flecked with movement, choose a fur bed throw to reflect that.

  • Depth and character of a real fur bed throw will make an impact

Remember that fur throws have an element that many textiles lack - the plush depth of the fur itself. It’s a three-dimensional aesthetic that is absent in other areas. If other aspects of your home decor have a similar, tactile element, it is not something to neglect in a fur bed throw.

How to Arrange It

Once you’ve chosen the actual fur bed throw that suits your fancy, the decoration has only just begun. You still have to arrange the bed throw, which in itself will say a lot about the setting, as well as impressing its own character.

  • Fold it in half or quarter it

The prim, proper, organized way to arrange a fur bed throw, or any bed throw, is by folding it once or twice, either halving or quartering it. This provides a neat, clean look that speaks of elegance and propriety. Some might call it sterile; we call it dignified.

  • Create a cascade

You can create a more inviting, much more lively look by “tossing” your fur bed throw over your bed and letting it fall how it chooses. Allow some to cascade over the side of the bed or let it lay on the bed in an uncentered fashion. It will produce a very noteworthy effect on nearly any audience.

  • Go for the rumpled, lived in look - it’s inviting!

Similar to allowing a bed throw to cascade over the side or lay as it falls is the effect of a rumpled, lived in look, which is significantly more inviting than any other effect so described. Lay it on the bed how you choose, and then rumple it up as though it has been laid on or agitated. It creates an off-balance, lived in look with a lot of life and movement.

  • Lay it along the foot of the bed

Finally, you can take the classic approach of laying the fur bed throw across the foot of the bed, just after you make it. It finishes the look of the room and sets everything in order with nearly geometric precision. Try this look and see if you like it; it may be for you.

Get Ready to Enjoy Timeless Elegance

The benefits of a real fur bed throw are exhaustive. They are both more plush and more comfortable than alternatives, and there is little way to duplicate their visual and tactile effects. Even the best substitutes are mediocre at best.

Just remember that a fur bed throw will require special care and attention. They should not be left folded or crumpled for long periods of time, to prevent damage to the fur and pelt, and remember - real fur is not machine washable. We offer cleaning, conditioning and storage services here at Maximilian, so if you have any questions regarding maintenance, contact us at 1-800-TLC-FURS or by email at


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