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Experience Style and Versatility With a High-Quality Reversible Coat

Imagine donning your beautiful mink fur coat for a night out, only to have a sudden storm move in and ruin your plans. Getting caught in the rain when you’re...

Imagine donning your beautiful mink fur coat for a night out, only to have a sudden storm move in and ruin your plans. Getting caught in the rain when you’re wearing a quality fur garment is not exactly the picture of a good time. While genuine fur can easily withstand a little rain, you want to avoid allowing any fur coat to get soaked due to inclement weather.

If you live in a rainy climate or want to experience the warmth and style of fur without worrying about getting caught in unfortunate weather, a high-quality reversible coat may be the best option to add to your wardrobe. These beautiful outwear pieces combine the coziness and classic appeal of fur with modern water-resting qualities of polyester, for optimal versatility. With the addition of one of these coats in your closet, you won’t have to keep track of potential storms that could potentially ruin your fur - and your night.

Below we will highlight why a fur coat that is reversible is so beneficial, and why fur, in general, is such a great investment in terms of long-lasting quality and timeless style.

The Warmth of Fur Without Any Drawbacks

Fur is an amazing natural insulator and has long been prized for its stylish and regal appearance. A fur coat is an instantly-noticeable piece of outerwear that catches the eye yet is loved for its high degree of functionality.

Yet if fur has one drawback it’s that it doesn’t do all that well in heavy rain. Of course, no one plans to step outside in a downpour while wearing a fluffy fur coat, but accidents happen and storms can pop up any time, anywhere. While a high-quality fur coat will brush off a light drizzle without any problem, a substantial amount of water could be potentially damaging to the fur. If one of your fur coats does happen to incur water damage, it’s best to get it treated by a professional furrier.

However, a reversible coat can help mitigate this problem by giving you the option to wear your fur on the inside when the weather turns bleak. Instead of risking the fur side of your coat to the elements, you can wear one of these quality garments in reverse, so that the protective water-resistant polyester can work its magic. This only adds to the versatility that fur coats already possess, giving you the ability to keep out the cold and look great no matter how the weather turns.

The Many Benefits of a Fur Coat

If you haven’t owned a fur coat before, you may be curious as to the specific benefits that they offer that would justify owning one versus a modern-style coat that is crafted completely out of polyester. The truth is that quality fur garments offer a lot more than just a timeless look.

One of the best reasons to own a fur coat is simply for the warmth and comfort that these pieces provide. Even lighter furs provide an excellent degree of warmth that few, if any, synthetic materials can offer. Fur garments tend to be somewhat more breathable than synthetic materials, while providing the wearer with a superior level of comfort at the same time.

Beyond simply offering a great deal of warmth, fur garments also tend to be quite durable. If taken care of properly, a fur coat will last you well into the future, especially when compared to most other kinds of coats. You can think of a luxury-style fur coat as an investment, rather than just another piece of clothing.

Another worthwhile benefit of a beautiful reversible fur coat is that these pieces of luxury outerwear never go out of style. Fur possesses a natural timeless look that calls back to a different era, one of refinement and elegance. With a fur coat in your closet, you will always have something warm to wear that will immediately give your outfit an attractive, class-looking boost.

Your Number One Source For Luxury Furs

Thinking of adding a beautiful reversible coat to your wardrobe? Here at Maximilian, quality outerwear is our specialty. We feature an array of gorgeous fur coats throughout our online store that will give you the kind of comfort and versatility that you are looking for. The most recognizable name in designer furs, we offer an incredible selection that is sure to match your tastes.

If you have any questions regarding one of our beautiful furs, or if you would like to inquire about the other fur services that we provide, please feel free to reach out to us at 1-800-TLC-FURS or at You may also want to stop by one of our fine locations if you want an even more immersive shopping experience.


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