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Here Are the Real Reasons a Fur Trim Jacket Is a Great Investment

Have you become interested in investing in a genuine fur coat or jacket, but you aren’t sure what type of fur or style of jacket you’d like to get? Reluctance...

Have you become interested in investing in a genuine fur coat or jacket, but you aren’t sure what type of fur or style of jacket you’d like to get? Reluctance is natural, especially with such a big ticket item, but there are ways to alleviate it.

Genuine fur is beautiful, fur is warm, and fur is elegant. These draw in many potential buyers with the same concerns as you, but there’s no need to fret when you can make a fur trim jacket your first real fur coat.

By the way, for those of you who already own a sophisticated catalog of fur jackets and coats, here are some decent reasons to add a fur trim jacket into the mix.

  1. Fur-lined hoods are actually warmer

There are many types of fur trim jackets, both in the styles of the trim and in the type of fur used. Sometimes the effect is aesthetic, but believe it or not, sometimes the element represents a functional one.

This is particularly noticeable when the fur trim outlines the edge of a hood. Fur lined hoods are visually stunning, to be sure, but they are also actually warmer than other styles of jackets.

The reason for this is that the fur trim around the outside of the hood disrupts the cold airflow around the entrance to the hood. This prevents cold air from entering the hood and then the body of the jacket. Instead, cold air is deflected away and around the outside of the hood, creating a warm, cozy recess for the wearer to enjoy.

  1. Fashion without the fuss

Something that might give you pause, and certainly does cause concern for some shoppers, is the fact that fur requires very special care and maintenance. Light, excess moisture and humidity, lack of airflow, lingering odors and more all have the potential to damage fur. This makes periodic maintenance an imperative rather than a suggestion.

However, a fur trim jacket, especially one that utilizes a weather resistant synthetic for the shell, will stand up to the elements much better than a full-bodied fur coat. With that in mind, you will still need to administer periodic maintenance and care to the fur trim; but overall, the jacket will require less careful attention.

  1. They can be more affordable

Depending on the style of the jacket and the fur used in the trimming thereof, a trimmed jacket has the potential to be significantly less expensive than some other types of fur coats. This presents less of an obstacle to first time buyers and actually gives them the ability to enjoy the luxury of genuine furs more confidently.

This aspect of fur trimmed or lined coats is especially valuable for those who are looking for a more affordable way to get into furs and to learn about their care and maintenance. Even if you “graduate” to other furs in the future, a trimmed jacket can still be a beautiful compliment to your wardrobe.

  1. They give you the ability to pair up different types of furs

In addition to the ideas presented so far, fur-trimmed jackets give you the opportunity to commingle the aesthetic and functional appeals of a variety of different styles of furs. That is, some fur-trimmed coats are trimmed with a different fur than that used to insulate the body. This gives a well-designed coat a pleasing bit of contrast.

Some wool coats are trimmed as well, enabling you to enjoy the warmth that wool provides in the most inclement weather while still accenting it with a touch of extra distinction.

  1. Timeless class and style are the constant companion of furs

Finally, if there’s one good reason to put your money in a fur trimmed jacket, it’s that fur coats and accessories never go out of style. With modern trends in fashion, you can even dress up or down with furs, depending on how you incorporate them into your personal sense of style, and what accessories you pair with them.

Few other materials, if any, are free of such constraints. A fur trimmed coat that you buy today, when cared for properly, will grace you just as admirably in many years as it did when new. That’s one of the timeless graces of genuine fur.

Unsure of where to start your search for a new fur jacket? Start at the link above where you can see some of our trimmed fur jackets. Just make sure you don’t miss an opportunity to inquire into our other full-length coats, reversible jackets and accessories while you’re here!

For those of you that would like the advice of an experienced furrier, look no further for input, suggestions and recommendations. You can get in touch with us at 1-800-TLC-FURS or by email, if you prefer, at Let us know what you need and we’d be glad to help.


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