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Merge Class and Function with a Fur Lined Parka

Real fur, whether supple, luxuriously soft rabbit fur, beautiful, lush fox fur or even the perennially popular and posh mink fur, is an excellent investment. A fur lined parka will...

Real fur, whether supple, luxuriously soft rabbit fur, beautiful, lush fox fur or even the perennially popular and posh mink fur, is an excellent investment. A fur lined parka will effortlessly mingle class and utility, pairing form and function like few other natural materials (if any) can.

Why a Real Fur Lined Parka Makes a Difference

A fur lined parka is an article of clothing that will never go out of style. Fur is and has always been a commodity that is regal in its presence, and if it were just for fashion alone, a fur parka would create an element of complexity and sophistication that few other adornments would be able to afford for you.

Real fur is also varied in its appeal. One on end of the spectrum you have the short, nearly modest coats of rabbit fur, whereas on the other you have the elegant, imposing presence of fox fur and raccoon fur, with their contrasting undercoats and guard hairs that create unrivalled visual stimulation. Furs can be found in a variety of different appearances and textures and in an equal variety of lengths. They’re also available in a wide range of cultivated colors, but many furs are dyed as well.

Fur is not only adored because of its reputation as a thing of beauty. It is and has always been used primarily because it is an effective insulator. Doubtless, the first people that utilized wool and pelts were concerned more with staying warm than they were with cutting a figure.

Some people consider real furs heavy, but they are also able to insulate the wearer better than any other materials, including even the best synthetics. In addition to keeping you warm, and though it’s not advisable to get your furs wet, real furs and wools exhibit decent degrees of weatherproofing as well.

Fur is also luxuriously comfortable, soft and plush. If you’ve ever taken notice of real fur, there’s just no comparison between the comfort and feel of genuine fur and any alternatives out there. It’s one of those situations in which there is no satisfactory imitation.

Additionally, although furs require a fair degree of special care and attention, a well-made, high-quality fur lined parka or other fur garment is a garment for life. With the right care and attention, furs will last a lifetime if not longer. When well cared for, a fur coat can outlast its original owner.

Given that longevity, fur is also a remarkably useful material because it can be endlessly upcycled and reused. When fur garments age naturally, they can often be repurposed into patchwork coats and other avant-garde styles that are ultra-modern and present a great degree of flexibility in style.

Finally, furs are actually a surprisingly eco-friendly option in dress materials. Like other naturally produced materials and fibers, furs are grown and are a renewable resource that can be produced and reproduced again and again. Also, being natural, furs can be recycled (if that is desired) without fear that they will not break down and return to the environment.

Timeless, sophisticated, warm, practical and renewable, furs are and have been the ultimate material for generations. It’s not like they’re new; they’re classic, and to get the most from classic styling, put your trust in a reputable furrier like Maximilian.

Shop with a Reputable Furrier

Like shopping for other high-quality exclusive materials and garments, it’s well worth your while to take the help of an experienced provider. In the process of shopping for a new fur lined parka, that means resorting to and leaning on the experience of a reputable furrier.

An experienced furrier will make the shopping experience easier and less stressful in a number of ways. They will be able to educate you on the different types of furs used and the techniques applied in manufacturing fur garments, should you be looking for information. They’ll also be able to help you identify quality in fur coats, jackets and other fur trimmed accessories when you are shopping for them.

A well-established and experienced furrier will also carry a wide range of different types and styles of furs and will help you identify just what type of fur or garment you need to satisfy your tastes, streamlining what can be an otherwise intensive, time consuming process.

Additionally, an experienced provider will be able to furnish you with fur coat storage or other fur services to guarantee the longevity and proper maintenance of your fur garments. As fur must be stored according to stringent specifications and should be afforded the care and services of a fur specialist at least once per year, knowing where to look for help is a big bonus.

If you have any questions about any of the furs that we carry, how garments are made or what services we offer, please feel free to get in touch with us at 1-800-TLC-FURS or by email at We love to hear from our customers and would be more than happy to see you well on your way to your newest fur lined parka!


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