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Never Fear the Red Fur Jacket: Make It the Highlight of Your Collection!

Realistically, most people who purposely shop for fur jackets don’t begin the search with a conviction to a certain color. Probably, if there’s any conviction at all, it has to...

Realistically, most people who purposely shop for fur jackets don’t begin the search with a conviction to a certain color. Probably, if there’s any conviction at all, it has to do with the type of fur.

Rabbit fur is both luxuriously soft and very light. Fox fur and chinchilla fur, though very different to the touch, are both extremely plush and warm. Mink coats offer both - they’re warm, durable, soft, and available in a wide range of colors. Durable, comfortable, extremely warm, and versatile, fur jackets are staples of fashion and function and have been for generations.

When the search starts with color, however, the gears may shift a little. Many fur jackets and coats only display the natural colors and patterning of the fur itself. Much of the time, that’s the effect the wearer is going for, as a fur coat’s natural allure is difficult to rival.

When the search hinges on color, the next focus is on that of compatibility. If you pick up a red fur jacket, how will you work it into your wardrobe? When will you wear it, and what will you wear with it? These are all questions that need to be answered - but don’t worry, we have tricks for mixing and matching fur coats, bright as they come.

Not All Red Fur Jackets Are the Same

First, keep in mind that red fur jacket is not a universal, standardized industry term. It could refer either to a jacket that has been artificially colored red or to a red fox jacket, and make no mistake about it, these are not the same.

A red fox jacket will present splendor on a unique level, and few furs come close to the vibrance, contrast and opulence of red fur. Depending on the individual pelt, a red fox jacket or mantle can be arrayed in hues of red, buff, gray, nearly white, and even black.

A red fox jacket, mantle or other accessory needs no artificial coloring to enable it to stand out. It will do that just fine on its own, and it best paired with other formal accessories. That said, if you have a dashing, avant-garde fashion sense, you might be able to break the mold with a classic red fox coat. Then again, an artificially colored red fur coat might be more to your liking.

How to Make a Red Fur Jacket Shine

If we’re talking about red fur jackets - the kind that are colored - don’t forget that though they are brightly colored, you can still work them into a wardrobe. Bright, gaudy fur pieces might not mesh well with some of your evening gear, but that’s no reason to give up on them.

If you are going to wear a bright red fur jacket, then contrast is your friend. Either wear the coat open and pair it with a white or black (or white and black!) shirt or blouse. You can also wear a pair of stark white or deep black slacks with a bright red fur jacket, and the contrast will be both palpable and pleasing.

Gold is also your friend when it comes to the color red. Red is the color of passion and excites the senses. Neutral metals like platinum and silver are nice, but won’t play off of a bright red coat in the best possible way. Sport a bandle or a necklace in yellow or rose gold and enjoy the rewards of the effects.

You can also make a red season presentation. If you have a bright red jacket and are at a loss for how to pair it up, just keep it in reserve for the holidays. You can break out your green finery at holiday time and wear a red fur coat with it - red and green are beautiful compliments and will produce eye-catching ensembles in the colder months.

Then again, don’t leave anything on the table. Valentine’s Day is another great opportunity to bust out the red, and you’ll never have a better opportunity to make a mark on an audience than you’ll have in your red furs in February!

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