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Our Top 4 Genuine Fur Coats and Jackets made of Sable

One of the most classic furs used in the finest coats is sable. Like most other furs, sables’ fur is naturally warm and comfortable, but it offers far more advantages...

One of the most classic furs used in the finest coats is sable. Like most other furs, sables’ fur is naturally warm and comfortable, but it offers far more advantages to its wearers than that. It’s incredibly soft and retains its softness no matter which direction it is stroked. Because of its unique and practical qualities, it’s no wonder why it has been one of the most sought after furs since the Middle Ages.

Although it’s clear as to why one would need a sable jacket, its price can halt some from going through with the purchase. Because of this, it can be difficult to find the right sable jacket for you because you don’t want to buy it from just anybody. You want to be confident you are buying a real sable coat or jacket that is soft, durable, and perfect just for you.

That’s where we come in. At Maximilian, we value all of our customers' sense of style, price ranges, and desires. We happily supply all of them with genuine fur coats, jackets, and other garments to best compliment them and their wardrobes. We are one of the few companies in this industry that deserves your respect and confidence. One fine product we can undoubtedly supply our customers are our sable jackets.

What are our top four genuine fur coats and jackets made of sable? Let’s have a closer look at each one so you can be one step closer to finding the right sable jacket or coat for you.

1.  Tortora Sable Jacket

This is a classic sable jacket that would compliment any outfit in practically any setting. It could be worn when going to a formal ball or even the grocery store. Anywhere you decide to take this jacket, you will look your absolute best.

It’s 23 inches in length, reaching about hip length. On the exterior, it is 100% dyed sable, which creates a tortora color. The interior, however, is made of silk. No matter what part of this jacket you touch or that touches you, softness and warmth is undeniable. The stand collar offers a classy hint of style and elegance, which leads to the magnet at the neck, then the front hook and ring closures on the front.

This stunning jacket is bound to complete any outfit you pair it with. After all, you wear the jacket, it doesn’t wear you.

2.  Barguzin Sable Jacket

Another classic-styled sable jacket has made our list because we cannot deny the beauty and versatility of these jackets. This jacket, however, is the darker color barguzin on its exterior, adding an extra flair of class. It is also 20 inches in length and comes in three sizes of small, medium, and large. No matter your size, you’ll fit perfectly into this jacket.

Much like the aforementioned jacket, this one also has 100% silk in its interior for an extra bit of comfort and suavity. In contrast to the first jacket, however, this one has a zipper closure for easy on-and-off. The stand collar is stunning as well and holds just a smidge of extra fur for a fashionable and neck-insulating puff. Comfort, class, softness, and fashion never looked or felt so good in one place.

3.  Sable Section Jacket

If you’re on the lookout for something that will offer you warmth with a hint of unique elegant design, this is the jacket for you. The cascading sections of sable fur in this jacket are stunning and intricately designed to bring style and sequential attention from onlookers. It is one of the lightest fur jackets, making you feel warm yet breezy when wearing it.

This brown, 22-inch jacket has a zipper closure for convenience and comfort along with elastic sleeves, providing optimal insulation. A stand collar is present on this jacket as well, once again bringing an extra layer of warmth, style, and eye-popping puff.

4.  Chevron Sable Coat

One of the most popular choices for genuine fur coats of any kind are full-length coats. They generally reach mid-thigh, providing your torso and part of your legs with incomparable warmth during those extremely bitter winter days and nights. This is that type of coat. This tortora chevron sable coat is 37 inches in length, always keeping its wearer warm and stylish.

There are other admirable features of this coat, such as the interior drawstring waist, which allows for flawless wear. The stand collar makes an appearance in this coat as well for an added fashion statement. The interior is also 100% silk, providing you with another cozy layer of insulation and softness. If you’re looking for a long sable coat that is ideal in grace, style, and warmth, then this is the one for you.

Whether you are looking for a sable jacket, coat, or any other garment, we can easily meet your expectations or even exceed them. Be sure to visit our website for more exquisite fur fashion or give us a call at 800-TLC-FURS. We can’t wait to help you find the perfect fur style for you.


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