The Many Benefits of a Winter Fur Coat

During the wintertime, especially if you live in a climate that tends to get very cold, it can be hard to stay warm when venturing outdoors. It can be difficult to keep warm without a lot of layering of clothing, jackets, and other accessories meant for the outdoors. Some coats promise complete protection from the brisk outdoor elements, but most of the time, those coats don’t work any better at keeping you warm.

Now, there are some coats out there that actually can promise and do keep you sufficiently warm when you’re cold, plus make you the most stylish one in the room. That type of outerwear is a winter fur coat.

A classic fur coat is timeless and forever classy. They will virtually never go out of style. Although some fur coats can be quite on the pricey side, the investment will eventually pay for itself. Since fur coats last many years, you can wear them over and over again. Fashion trends are forever changing, but fur coats are a universal fashion staple, for their elegant and fashionable look and also for their immense warmth.

Fur coats are the best option when it comes to luxury outerwear due to their classic, elegant look, and overall performance as an effective piece of outerwear. Fur is one of the warmest and cozy materials you can find, so to put that all together with a beautiful coat is the best thing you can do for yourself.

There is a certain air of confidence that one holds while wearing a fur coat that just can’t be mimicked with any other outwear. Not only are fur coats the embodiment of luxury, class, and sophistication, they are also quite practical.

But, what’s the difference between real, authentic furs? Which one would be best to choose for a new luxury winter fur coat? There is a certain air of confidence that one holds while wearing a fur coat that just can’t be mimicked with any other outwear. Fur coats the embodiment of luxury, class, and sophistication, so whichever fur you choose will be a good choice, it’s all about personal preference.

There is always concern about purchasing real fur due to the environmental and ethical issues that could potentially arise. That should be of no concern, though because the furs from Maximilian are sourced ethically and sustainably. Plus, a good fur coat will last you a lifetime and once they start to degrade, it’s a slow and natural process that won’t negatively impact the environment. Other coats you can buy from the retail store you will have to replace. When you throw out a coat made with synthetic materials, those materials end up in landfills, which take a while to break down, only adding to the unnecessary waste that is already in our landfills.

Difference Between Furs

At Maximilian, one of the premier fur coat and fur garment stores in the country, we have a few different furs they tend to specialize in. Browsing through their website or one of their many in-person stores around the country, you can see that Maxmilian loves our mink, rabbit, and fox furs.


Like mink, rabbit fur is quite popular in the fur coat world. Rabbit fur is a bit more affordable than mink but is just as silky, soft, and luxurious. This fur can be easily dyed and sculpted to the desired look of a coat or accessory of your choosing. Rabbit fur is easily mistaken for chinchilla fur, which is very expensive and hard to find. So, if you’re looking for the luxury of chinchilla fur without the outrageous cost and hunt to find it, rabbit fur is the next best choice.


Fox fur is known to be fluffy, full-bodied, and extremely warm, like the other furs listed above. This fur is more used for high-fashion trimmed coats, giving the coat a fuller-bodied look and feel. There are many great options of winter fur coats using fox fur that could really elevate your look.


Mink is famously known for its luxuriously soft feel and lighter weight. It has fastly grown into one of the most popular furs for fur coats and for good reason. Its elegant and plush look can bode well for any outfit, casual or fancy. Mink furs are also commendable for their durability. One mink coat could last a lifetime if taken care of properly.

Choose Maximilian For Your Outerwear Needs

If you are interested in finding out more about the fur coats from Maximilian, take a look at our website, Not only do we have a great online marketplace to browse their luxury fur coats, but they also have multiple locations all across the United States. Check out their store locator and see which Maxmilian store is closest to you!

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