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The Timeless Appeal of a Fox Fur Jacket

With all of the different types of furs that we sell here at, some of our shoppers might find a little explanatory information on them helpful. If you’re shopping...

With all of the different types of furs that we sell here at, some of our shoppers might find a little explanatory information on them helpful. If you’re shopping around for your first ever fur coat, or for some furs for that special someone, a little insight might prove quite useful.

The thing about our furs is that, despite any superficial similarities they might exhibit, they vary widely in character. Two furs that look very similar might have very different attributes. Being able to link these traits to names like fox, chinchilla, sable, rabbit, mink, shearling, leather, fur-trimmed fabrics and others will help you in the process of searching for information.

With that said, fox fur jackets and coats provide an ageless, classic look or royal excellence and match it with durability and function. If a fox fur jacket has caught your eye, here are some additional reasons to consider the purchase.

  • Warm and very plush, yet not too heavy

If you’ve never felt a fox pelt or a fox fur jacket or coat before, make it a point to do so at some point soon. Fox fur is luxuriously plush, soft and dense without being overbearingly heavy. The nature of the fox fur itself will vary according to the species of fox, but species like blue fox and Arctic fox have beautiful, thick coats that are extremely warm despite not being too heavy, which is a common observation about some furs.

If you’re looking for a coat that will catch attention and keep you (or the recipient) very warm, even when the temperatures drop, fox fur is ideal.

  • Classic look, eye-catching designs, beautiful guard hairs

Fox is also a timelessly classic fur because of the fact that it is so visually stunning. It’s true enough that there are great insulators out there that don’t stimulate the visual senses, but fox is not one of them.

With a dense undercoat and beautiful, sometimes even contrasting guard hairs, fox fur is immediately recognizable and very unique. Real fox fur coats are and have always been remarkable as a luxury fur that catches the attention no matter the setting. It might even be said that fox has one of the most impressive appearances of all furs, including mink.

  • A large variety of colors

Something else that is very appealing about fox fur is that it is widely available in a large range of colors. It shares this trait with other popular and heavily cultivated furs like mink and rabbit. What’s great about this is it makes fox fur highly utilitarian and valuable from a perspective of fashion as well.

Whether you’re trying to match a ruddy red fox-trimmed coat or a dark grey or blue fox - or even black fox fur - up with another item of apparel, the challenge doesn’t need to be too difficult. Fox fur is available in quite the range of colors. If you can envision it, there is a good chance you can find it.

  • With proper care, it will last a long time, even a lifetime

Fox fur is a resilient, plush, durable fur, and when it is afforded a decent level of care and maintenance, it will last a long time. Provided you take care of it when you are using it and in between uses, and provide it with periodic, routine maintenance, it will serve as a garment that you may even be able to hand down.

Be sure you store your fur garments out of the light and in a cool, dry environment with airflow. From time to time, take your fur garments to a fur specialist to have them cleaned properly. A little bit of love and care go a long way in an investment like a genuine fox fur jacket!

Here at, we provide some of the finest furs that money can buy, including but not limited to fox fur jackets and coats. You might have recognized our name from somewhere - that’s because we are the Maximilian that were recently in Bloomingdale’s, and we have merged with The Fur Vault who was located in Macy’s. We will also be absorbing the online operations of as well as, bringing you a large collection of trusted names in furriers.

In the event you have any questions before buying, please feel free to reach out to us at 1-800-TLC-FURS or at You can also investigate our locations to come in and pay us a visit so you can get familiar with our furs in person before making a purchase.


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