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Uses, Advantages, and Care of a Mink Coat

For anyone looking at buying a first fur coat, the amount of information to absorb, and the options available, seem like they are endless. Only here at, we provide...

For anyone looking at buying a first fur coat, the amount of information to absorb, and the options available, seem like they are endless. Only here at, we provide quite a wealth of options in furs, from fox and rabbit to exotic chinchilla and of course, the classic, mink.

A mink coat is an icon of class and distinction, with a timeless appeal that turns heads and arrests attention. However, if you’re considering buying a mink fur coat, there are a few things you should know before buying, such as what it’s good for and how to care for it. In this article, we’ll go over some points on these matters.

Strengths and Advantages of Mink Fur

With so many other furs available, why would a discrete consumer want to choose a mink coat, specifically? There are quite a few reasons that mink is popular and has grown in popularity, including some of the following.

  • Mink coats are very warm

One of the great things about a mink fur coat is that it is very warm without being overbearingly warm or too heavy.

Mink offers the perfect balance of warmth, weight and practicality. It’s warm enough that the vast majority of those who would wear one would never become cold, yet light enough that it isn’t too much to wear in milder temperatures.

When it comes to insulation, there’s just no way to overshadow real furs. All things considered, they’re the warmest insulators that money can buy.

  • It is remarkably soft and plush

Mink is also very popular because it is very soft, plush and luxurious. A Mink fur coat, even with its guard hairs, is comfortable not only to wear but to the touch. It has an undeniably regal feel and character that has made it popular, perhaps one of the most popular furs, for many years. Warmth is one thing but the soft nature of mink fur ties it together with comfort.

  • With proper care, it is very durable and long-lasting

Furs and other natural materials like leather definitely need to be properly cared for, but when they are, they are an investment for life. If you buy a mink coat today and care for it properly, keeping it clean, cool and dry, it will last for many years. Bring it to a fur specialist periodically for a deep clean and the coat may very well outlast you. Mink can be upcycled and restyled over the years to keep up with the current trends.

  • Relatively lightweight

Another significant benefit of mink fur is that, despite its warmth and luxurious plushness, it is not particularly heavy. Compared to some light synthetics, mink is very heavy, but in the realm of comparable furs it’s actually one of the lightest there is. Only some furs like rabbit fur are lighter.

If you’ve been turned off to the idea of furs because of a perception that they are too heavy or uncomfortable, then mink may very well be the solution. You also have the option to purchase a Sheared Mink fur that is lighter in weight and velvety to the touch.

  • Has a beautiful aesthetically pleasing appearance

Another thing that endears mink fur to so many different buyers is the fact that mink is endowed with an undeniably beautiful appearance, and in many colors, at that - but see more below.

Mink fur combines a beautiful pairing of a soft undercoat with shiny guard hairs coupled in an elegant package. There are few furs that possess the visual character of mink, which is one of the things that has made it such a perennial favorite.

Stately, distinguished and timeless - all wonderful descriptors of mink fur, and by extension, of a mink fur coat.

  • On that note, mink fur is available in a rainbow of colors

Mink fur is also available in what can be called a veritable rainbow of colors. Because minks have been selectively bred and farmed extensively, there’s a huge range of variability in the physical appearance of mink fur.

Mink fur ranges from nearly black all the way to nearly white, through gray and brown. You can have a sandy-brown or off-white, even a silvery mink coat. Mink fur can also be dyed to match your favorite color, which gives you endless options for color-coordination, matching and customization.

  • Suits a variety of occasions naturally well

Because there is so much variability in mink fur, as well as in its color, it is a widely adaptable fur. A mink fur coat can be used to put on a truly black-tie appearance, but mink-fur trim can be used to create an outfit with a less overstated front as well.

That is to say, mink is a highly adaptable fur. Don’t be afraid to make an investment in mink because you feel it will be reserved to the most formal of occasions. It can be - but only if you want to!

You can easily make a mink garment a facet of your everyday office or work attire. It’s just a matter of how creative you get with the assembly.

  • It will never go out of style!

Another big bonus of mink fur is that, like other furs, it will never go out of style. Genuine furs make a statement that is ageless and will not be affected by the passage of time. Furs were in style hundreds of years ago for their form and function, and they still are today. Some aspects of fashion never go out of style, and fur is one of them.

Not only does mink fur have a timeless and ageless appeal, but it can be restyled in the future, should you so wish, in order to keep up with changing trends. That being said, even the “plainest” of mink coats is a gem of beauty.

  • Mink is relatively affordable

Another draw of mink fur is that mink coats have the potential to be relatively affordable when compared to other furs like chinchilla. Mink is still a premium, luxury fur, but with its potential to be more affordable than some other more exclusive furs, it attracts plenty of wearers.

If you’re looking for a first fur coat, mink may make a great option if only for this reason. A mink fur coat can teach you a lot about how furs should be stored and maintained before you go on to invest in other grades of fur to compliment your collection.

Care of Mink Fur and Mink Coats

Fur is durable when cared for properly, but it, like other natural materials such as wool and leather needs to be afforded routine care in order to live up to that reputation. Failing to provide a mink jacket or coat with the proper care is tantamount to ruin. Luckily, following a couple good guidelines should help you keep everything in order.

  • Avoid excessive heat

You naturally wouldn’t wear a heavy fur coat at the height of summer, but this isn’t the type of heat we’re talking about. Excess heat, such as from a dryer, is damaging not only to fur but also to the pelt beneath it. When the pelt dries out, it can become brittle or drop hairs; avoid exposure to direct heat.

  • Avoid humidity and excess moisture

Light rain or snow will not damage your mink coat, and this moisture can usually be shaken out. However, if the fur or pelt beneath it becomes waterlogged, that’s a problem. Absorbing moisture will cause the pelt to swell, and as it dries it will shrink and can become damaged or even crack. As a general rule, it’s a good idea to protect your coat from excess moisture or humidity in order to extend its lifespan.

  • Allow it to dry out between uses

If your coat does become slightly wet but it doesn’t absorb any moisture into the lining or pelt, you can simply shake the moisture out of the fur. Then, your coat can be hung up in a cool, dry place out of the light and allowed to dry out slowly. Drying too rapidly can damage the coat, as can allowing it to remain wet.

  • Shake or gently brush loose dirt or snow out of the fibers (with a fur brush!)

If your coat accumulates particulate matter or dust, use a specialized fur brush to dislodge and remove the dust. Spot cleaning with a fur brush will help keep the coat clean and free of debris, which will extend its lifespan, and, of course, keep it looking its finest.

  • Do not sit on the coat or wear heavy straps over it

When we say do not sit on the coat, we mean that you shouldn’t sit on the coat even while you’re wearing it. You should also avoid wearing heavy straps over the coat as these will stress the fur fibers and can compress them, resulting in unsightly marks of wear.

Your fur is meant to be seen and look its finest; keep seated time in the coat to a minimum and avoid carrying a large handbag.

  • Store it in a cool, dry location with circulation, and keep it hung

When you aren’t wearing your coat, hang it in a cool, dry place with good circulation. Hanging it will allow it to keep its shape and prevent the fur fibers from becoming disheveled. Keeping it cool and dry will protect its longevity.

  • Protect it from light

It’s also not a good idea to store your coat anywhere that it will come in direct contact with light, which will bleach and oxidize it and over time will damage it, shortening its lifespan. Cool and dry doesn’t quite paint the full picture. Store it in the dark as well.

  • Transport it in a protective garment bag

Whenever you must transport your fur coat but are not wearing it, use a protective garment bag that will keep it out of the elements and keep most of the light off of it.

  • Take it to a fur specialist if it becomes excessively wet or damaged

If your coat becomes damaged or waterlogged, you will need to take it to a fur specialist right away; you can’t provide the care your coat needs on your own and shouldn’t try to. If the wear or damage is not routine, it needs more than routine treatment.

  • Take it for routine maintenance at least once per year

It’s also a good idea to take it to a fur specialist once per year, even if you don’t think the coat needs it. A fur specialist will use special absorbents and cleaners to remove debris from the coat and make sure all the fur fibers are aligned perfectly.

Where Can You Find and Service High-Quality Mink?

For those of you shopping for a mink coat, you’re in just the right place. Maximilian, which some of you may recognize from our past partnership with Bloomingdales, provides premier, high-quality fur coats and accessories. Our collection of premium furs includes mink coats, full-length mink coats, and a variety of other furs, such as fox, chinchilla, rabbit and much more.

For those of you that are more comfortable shopping in-person as opposed to online, we still maintain locations throughout the northeast. You can see some of them via the link above.

Come in to visit us or shop our online store, and if you need to get in touch with us, do so at 800-TLC-FURS or via email at Please feel free to reach out to us to learn more about where we get our furs, which are most suitable for your needs, or how to care for them.


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