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Why Real Fur Hood Coats are a Winter Staple

There are many options on the market for outerwear that claim to keep you warm, insulate you from the cold weather and harsh winds, and prove that you don’t need...

There are many options on the market for outerwear that claim to keep you warm, insulate you from the cold weather and harsh winds, and prove that you don’t need to layer up to keep warm. That may be true for some, but usually, winter coats call for other garments underneath that defeat the purpose of the original coat. A luxury winter coat, for example, should provide all of those things.

A classic fur coat is a timeless element that can immediately bolster your look. They will always give you the classy look that you normally find in glamorous movie stars. Although some fur coats can run quite expensive, the investment will be oh so worth it. With diligent and proper care, fur coats can last many, many years. 

Since fine-quality fur coats last many years, you can wear them over and over again. Fashion trends are forever changing, but fur coats are a universal fashion staple, for their elegant and fashionable look and also for their immense warmth. If you happen to live in a climate that permits you to wear a very heavy coat in the winter, you might as well opt for an authentic fur coat to get you through the cold.

However, some jackets aren’t capable or meant for brisk cold weather that some cities and towns have to deal with each year. Winter weather can be unpredictable from one year to next no matter where you are located, as well. Just last winter the entire eastern seaboard was hit with piercing cold all the way down through Georgia and Florida. It pays to have a great winter coat that you can rely on.

When it comes to quality fur coats for women, there has to be intense layering and bundling in order to keep the cold air from cutting through those layers of clothing.

Why Choose Real Fur?

But, what’s the difference between real, authentic furs? Which one would be best to choose for a new luxury winter fur coat? There is a certain air of confidence that one holds while wearing a fur coat that just can’t be mimicked with any other outwear. Fur coats the embodiment of luxury, class, and sophistication, so whichever fur you choose will be a good choice, it’s all about personal preference.

If you’ve never tried wearing a fur jacket, then you are sure missing out. Fur has historically been used to keep people warm for centuries. While it once was a survival mechanism to deal with the cold weather when certain technologies weren’t invented yet, fur has adapted into quite the fashion statement but with the same level of comfort and warmth.

If you want to choose an authentic real fur hood coat, to keep you even warmer during the winter months, it’s best to do some research on what type of fur you’d prefer. While there are many different types of furs out there to choose from, there must be one that piques your interest more than others.

When it comes to real fur coats, especially ones with hoods that really can show off the level of quality in the fur, you must choose wisely. Since fur coats last so much longer than any other coat you can find for the winter, the one you choose should stand the test of time in terms of your sense of style.

If you are concerned about the ethicality of wearing a fur coat, make sure to do your proper research and invest in fur coat businesses that ethically and sustainably source their fur coats and other fur products/accessories. It isn’t so bad after finding a reputable fur coat retailer that actually cares about what they do, where they get their fur products, and who they sell their items to.

Buying fur may actually be proven to be a sustainable wardrobe choice, as well. Like mentioned before, if taken care of properly, a fur coat can last your entire life, giving ample opportunities to upcycle the coat or pass it along to a friend or family member for continued use. Compared to other popular types of outerwear, either the styles go out of fashion or the use for them dissipates.

With a winter coat with a fur hood, that issue will never arise. Fur coats are timeless pieces of fashion that exceed all other fashion trends and styles. Most fashion trends will die as quickly as they lived, making way for another new trend that will likely have the same lifespan.

Choose Maximilian for your Real Fur Hood Coats

When needing a fur coat for the winter, with all the added warmth and comfort with an added hood, there’s no other place to turn to other than Maximilian. We have the highest quality fur coats, with or without hoods, in a wide range of different fashionable styles, colors, types of furs, and price points.

At Maximilian, we have fur coats that are sure to match your tastes and your wardrobe, and will help keep you cold no matter how rough the winter is. Check out our inventory here in our online fur store or find any of our retail stores located all across the United States. If you’re unsure where your local Maximilian store is, check out our store locator or simply give us a call. We want to help you find the perfect coat to get you through this winter and the next.


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