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Why We Love Rabbit Fur Jackets And You Will, Too

Rabbit fur doesn’t get all the attention of more premium furs like mink, fox or chinchilla, but in its own sphere, it is an amazing resource and a wonderful fur....

Rabbit fur doesn’t get all the attention of more premium furs like mink, fox or chinchilla, but in its own sphere, it is an amazing resource and a wonderful fur. Rabbit fur jackets, coats, hats and other accessories are beautiful and functional, and if you’ve ever had a rabbit fur trimmed item of your own, you know just what we mean firsthand.

Still, a claim deserves a defense, and we’re prepared with one. If you’ve come here in search of your next (or first) rabbit fur hat, jacket, coat or accessory, here are some things you’re going to love about it.

Rabbit Fur Is Amazingly Soft

If there’s one thing that you’ll really love about rabbit fur jackets (and there’s more than one) it’s that rabbit fur is in a league of its own for softness. Rabbit fur is one of the softest, plushest furs commercially available, and what it lacks in insulation it makes up for with its amazing tactile suaveness.

It’s the kind of thing that you have to feel to truly understand. Not everything can be adequately verbally described and rabbit fur is one of them. Make it a point to interact with real rabbit fur at some point in the near future if you’ve never yet had the pleasure.

Rabbit Fur Is More Affordable

Something else that attracts a lot of buyers to rabbit fur is the fact that it is typically more affordable than, say, mink fur. Because rabbit fur can be abundantly produced, and relatively affordably at that, adding a rabbit jacket or a rabbit hat to your repertoire is an accessible, attainable way to get into the world of genuine furs. It can make a great starter jacket as well.

If the price tags of other furs have turned you off in the past, consider starting out with a rabbit fur hat so you can learn more about the virtues and care of rabbit fur before delving into more exotic, more expensive specimens.

It’s a Delightful Balance of Warmth and Light Weight

It’s not like it’s a trade secret that fur is impressively warm. It’s one of the best insulators that money can buy and it has been since before recorded history. No synthetic has ever truly come close to the performance of wool or genuine furs.

That being said, some furs are very heavy. Others that are not particularly heavy, as furs go, are still too heavy for the likes of some consumers. Rabbit fur strikes a unique balance here and occupies an equally unique position in the echelon of furs.

Most grades of rabbit fur are much less dense than other commercially available furs and almost all of them are not piled as deep. As soft as rabbit fur is, the lay of the fur is typically relatively shallow and consequently rabbit pelts are pretty light.

This gives rabbit fur jackets a unique ability to strike a balance between being too heavy and not being warm enough. It’s a passable insulator and is not too heavy for most wearer’s tastes.

Patchwork Coats Are in Vogue

Because of the relatively small size of even the largest rabbit pelts, no full jacket or coat can be created using just one of them. For this reason, rabbit jackets are either lined with rabbit for, or pieces of the pelts are patched together to form the shell of the coat. The same can be said for hats, which often make use of patchwork.

While patchwork coats don’t live up to the same quality of coats made from fewer sections of pelts, they are highly trendy and sporty, and with proper care, will last for many, many years. In addition, patchwork coats give wearers the ability to dress with more flexibility than some other, more formal designs in fur coats.

It Pairs Beautifully with Other Furs

Also because of the nature of rabbit pelts that constrains their size, they’ve become well-suited to pairing with other furs. It’s very common to see mink fur jackets or other fur coats trimmed with rabbit fur instead of utilizing only one type.

This adds a little bit of contrast to the coat, a whole lot of visual intrigue, and, since rabbit fur is so soft, if the neck or cuffs are lined, it can make the coat much more luxuriously comfortable.

Dress up, or Down

Another great thing about rabbit fur is that it can be used to create a garment that is as upscale as you like, without seeming over the top. Because rabbit fur is frequently dyed or used to create a patchwork, it can also be used to create avant-garde designs that don’t neatly fit into high fashion.

In other words, rabbit fur is one of the most flexible furs out there, at least from a fashion sense. You can create a very highly refined outfit utilizing rabbit fur or a much more toned-down look.

The Ability to Accessorize!

Another great thing about rabbit fur is that you can accessorize with it in so many different ways. Because of its availability, many items are trimmed with rabbit fur, including hats and sometimes even gloves.

If you’re thinking about getting a rabbit fur jacket and you’re concerned about the ability to accessorize, mix and match, don’t be. Rabbit fur is one of the easiest furs to pair up, due to its availability, popularity, and the fact that it can be dyed and patched.

Rabbit Fur Is not Overly Susceptible to Malting

Malting is a problem that some furs and furbearers exhibit in which they drop their fur unwarrantedly. This can be a problem for all types of furs, especially if the furs have not been properly cared for. However, it is not a particularly grave concern for those who are interested in rabbit fur.

Keep your fur protected from high humidity, overexposure to light and exposure to other adverse circumstances and it should be fairly well protected against malting. A rabbit fur coat may drop some hairs from time to time, but it’s not a significant factor for most garments made with the material.

Available in Tons of Colors

Rabbit fur is available in a huge range of colors for two different reasons. First, rabbits are easily managed and can be bred to produce a large amount of variety in the nature and color of their furs. There are naturally occurring black, white, gray and tan rabbit furs among others.

Also, rabbit fur can be easily dyed, giving you the ability as a consumer to pick and choose between just what exactly you want from your fur garments. Looking for something red or green, or even blue or purple? With rabbit fur you can find that, easily!

Care Is not too Difficult

Another thing that some fans of rabbit fur have commented on is that care of this type of fur is not particularly difficult. Just take some extra attention to the details, including some pointers here, and your rabbit fur jacket or hat will last many years, if not a lifetime!

Keep It Out of the Light

Furs don’t appreciate overexposure to the light, and rabbit fur is no exception. The reason for this is that light can photobleach furs over time. Light can even potentially accelerate the process of oxidation in the fur or the leather to which the fur is attached. Over time, the fur will lose its beautiful natural color and luster, if it has been exposed to the light for too long.

Luckily, the remedy for this is straightforward. Whenever you aren’t wearing your furs, keep them stored away from the light in order to preserve their longevity.

Keep It Hung

Just storing your rabbit fur jacket away from the light to protect it is not taking enough forethought for its wellbeing. You must also keep your jacket hung on a hanger that supports it properly.

The reason for this is that the lining and the pelt of a jacket can take a set or a crease over time if they are not properly stored. If the pelt takes a set or a crease, it can stress the outermost layers of the jacket which can cause the fur to drop. It might also cause irreparable damage to the lay of the fur on the coat.

Again, this is easily remedied. You simply must be judicious enough to keep your jacket hung.

Keep It Cool, in a Place with Adequate Airflow

While you’re at it, make sure the place you choose for storage remains cool and dry throughout the year, and gets a fair amount of airflow. Each of these things is necessary to prevent long-term damage from affecting your favorite rabbit fur garments.

Low temperatures inhibit the growth of pathogens that are dangerous to the fur and fibers of the pelt. Lower humidity levels accomplish the same ends, and ensuring there is adequate airflow will set the temperature and help keep the coat dry as well.

Protect It from Excess Moisture

The coat should be protected from excess moisture as a matter of course, but you should also take action if your coat gets wet while you are wearing it. Shake any excess water, from rain or snow, out of the lay of the fur before it can reach the pelt or the liner of the jacket. If your coat gets really wet, you need to take it to see a fur specialist immediately.

Otherwise, just keep it dry; following the steps outlined in the last section will help protect your coat against most forms of water-based damage.

Protect It from Heavy Odors

The thing about fur is that many of them are absorbent, and some are actually even hollow. This causes furs and some other natural materials to absorb oils and other agents related to heavy or pungent odors. For example, smoke, such as from a campfire, or oils in perfumes or cosmetic treatments can become permanently absorbed by the fur.

These can cause discoloration, but worst of all they can hasten the degradation of the fur. Keep oils and other strongly scented compounds away from the fur to protect it.

Don’t Puncture the Fabric or the Leather

Many forms of jewelry look beautiful in the company of furs, and rabbit furs are no exception. Fur garments are regal, stately and elegant and often made even better by adornment with jewelry.

Stay away from pins and other items that would be affixed to the coat, however. These can damage both the fur and the underlying pelt.

Have It Professionally Cleaned at Least Once per Year

Whether you believe it warrants the attention or not, make it a point to have your rabbit fur jacket seen by a professional fur specialist once per year. Fur specialists will absorb any lingering moisture from the coat, provide a deep cleansing to the fur and then realign all the hairs; some specialists might even provide additional services.

Don’t Miss Our Reversible Rabbit Fur Jackets!

One final note we’d like to offer is that we provide unique reversible coats in our collection of furs as well, some of which make artful use of rabbit fur. The great thing about some reversible coats is that they pair the luxury of fur with a hitherto unprecedented resilience in the face of the elements.

If you ever get caught out in the rain or snow in your favorite furs, you can simply turn the jacket inside out and wear the fur on the inside. This will provide you with two advanced benefits. You’ll reap all of the warmth of the fur, and you’ll keep it protected on the inside of the jacket!

Contact Us for Assistance

For those of you who’d like some additional guidance or direction before making a purchase of an exquisite rabbit fur coat, hat, or other fur garment, please feel free to contact us. We’d be glad to answer any questions you have and point you in the right direction.

You can contact us by phone at 800-TLC-FURS, or, if you prefer, by email at


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